Welcome researchers!

On the left you will find detailed information on how to get your projects up and running at the MRIF.

Your first port of call should be Getting Started on the left. It details all the requirements for running your projects at MRIF. There you will find details of on how to obtain and maintain access to the MRIF, cancellation policy, and pilot hours accrual. You will also need to have a purchase order issued to cover costs associated with scanning. Detailed instructions on how to do this are available on the left.

Detailed help on how to use the online project management and reservation system are also available on the left. These will soon be augmented by annotated images. All rooms available in MRIF are reservable in the booking system. This includes the exam room, the room where the TMS system is located, the mock scanner, and of course the MRI scanner.

MRIF also has two parking spaces reserved on the Stadium Drive side of the College of Medicine. These can also be reserved in the booking system. Please see the policy governing the use of the parking spaces on the left.

The safety manual that governs all aspects of safe scanning at MRIF is also on the left.

Later in 2018 lockers will be installed in G0135C in the MRIF. These lockers will be made available to PIs under the policy, detailed in the link on the left, that governs their use. To apply for a locker, fill out the form linked on the left. We aim to reply with on 24 hours of your application.

The original source documents as PDF files for the booking and project policy, safety manual, participant screening form, HIPPA authorization for participants who elect to take part in the voluntary incidental findings program can be found under Forms & Documents link on the left. Also the be found there are several sample consent and assent documents for MRI and MRI-EEG.


Last Updated: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 11:22 AM