MRI Projects

Project Review and Approval

Guidance for Preparation of IRB Protocols:

Please submit the following documents to and

Scheduling Scanner Time

After project application forms are submitted and reviewed, MR scanner time may be reserved. One person will be designated as the Project Contact on the MRI Scan Time Request Form.

Facility reservations are made on the MRI scheduling calendars, which can be viewed to determine available slot times. Reservations can be booked in 30 minute blocks of time and will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. The MRI Technologist will enter all reservation onto the MRI scheduling calendars and send the Project Contact a confirmation email.


The Reservation request for internal customers must contain a the name of the Principle Investigator, the PI’s email address, and a billing code in order to be submitted and will be listed on the calendar via the MRI Study Code. External customers must enter a P.O. # in, if applicable, or an invoice contact in the billing code blank. If you are scheduling block time or multiple days, please make a note of your specific needs under Special Instructions.

Request Scanner Time

Pilot Time

A limited pool of funds is available to support pilot fMRI/MRI time for the purpose of obtaining proof of concept data. These results are intended to be used as the foundation for grant proposals for funding of research involving the FSU MRI Facility (MRIF). These funds are limited and available on a competitive basis. The pilot experiment funding is not intended to be in lieu of use of other types of resources such as PI support accounts, departmental SRAD, CRC planning grants or start-up funds (in the case of new faculty hires).

Download the MRI Pilot Time Application

Billing and Cancellation

A log book will be kept at the scanner to document time scheduled and used and will be reconciled with the scheduling calendar at the end of every month. The Project Contact or PI will be notified of the hours to be billed and must verify that the billing information is correct. Once the MRI Technologist receives confirmation that the billing hours are correct, the Interdepartmental Requisition will be forwarded to the Grants Compliance Analyst in the College of Medicine for billing. Download the Interdepartmental Requisition Form.

Current Scan Rates of the FSU MRI Research Facility will include only staffed hours.

Initial Rate Structure for Internal Customers:

Staffed Hours 8am - 5pm $400/hr
After Hours Upon Special Request  

Initial Rate Structure for External Customers:

Staffed Hours 8am - 5pm $555/hr
After Hours Upon Special Request  


Cancellations must be conveyed to the MRI Technologist 48 hours in advance in order to avoid being logged as billable hours. The only exception to the 48-hour policy is if the scanning sessions is swapped with another Project Contact.  Both parties must agree to the change of schedule.

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