MRI Facility

The centerpiece of the FSU MRI Facility is a Siemens 3T Prisma scanner, which offers ultra-high spatial and temporal resolution to achieve outstanding image quality. The Prisma’s XR gradients and advanced shimming enhance applications such as functional MRI (fMRI), Diffusion Spectum Imaging (DSI) and exceptionally high resolution anatomical details.  The Prisma’s benchmark homogeneity and 64 RF receiver channels allow enhanced image quality and reduced motion induced disturbances.  The Prisma enables scientists to explore bold new areas of research.

The MRIF also features behavioral testing space and computer workstations, as well as:

  1. a simulator (i.e., “mock scanner”), to acclimate participants to the imaging environment
  2. high density EEG/ERP system
  3. full psychophysiology recording suite for EOG, ECG, EMG, GSR
  4. eye tracker
  5. brain stimulation equipment

Facility Standard Operating Procedures

Read more about our facility policies on the SOP page.

MR Users Level 1-4

  1. Level 1 Personnel: Level one personnel are individuals who have not had MR safety training. The designation of Level 1 Personnel typically applies to visitors and volunteers. Documentation of Level 1 personnel qualifications must be recorded on the appropriate form(s) Level 1 Personnel must be accompanied by Level 2 Personnel or Level 3 Personnel in all zones of the MRIF.
  2. Level 2 Personnel: Level 2 MR Personnel/Researcher are individuals who have viewed and passed the MR safety training as approved by the MRIF Oversight Committee. An MRI Metal Screening form must be on file in the MRIF office. The designation of Level 2 Personnel typically applies to undergraduate and graduate research assistants, post-doctoral fellows, and research assistants from individual laboratories.
    Level 2 Personnel are permitted to be in all areas of MRIF up to Zone 3, but may not enter the MRI Scanner Room. Level 2 Personnel may have keycard access the MRIF facility but are not permitted to be there alone. Documentation of Level 2 Personnel qualifications must be recorded on the appropriate form(s) updated at least annually, and must be signed by the MRI Technologist, representing the MRIF Executive Committee. Records of documentation must be maintained within MRIF.
  3. Level 3 Personnel: Level 3 Personnel are individuals designated as sufficiently trained to be in the MRIF on their own (except when a participant is being scanned, during which time two persons are required), and to supervise Level 1 and 2 Personnel in the MRI facility. They are also sufficiently trained to oversee the MR screening process and give final approval for an individual to enter the magnet room and undergo imaging. Generally, these are individuals with greater experience in the MR environment than Level 2 MR Personnel. Level 3 Personnel may not operate the MR console.  These     individuals must demonstrate knowledge of the broad aspects of MR safety issues, including, for example, issues related to the potential for thermal loading or burns, and direct neuromuscular excitation from rapidly changing gradients. They must also demonstrate specific knowledge regarding the safety procedures within MRIF.
    Level 3 Personnel are permitted to be in the MRI facility alone and to supervise Level 1 and 2 MR Personnel when they are in the facility. Level 3 Personnel may be permitted control room access, but are restricted from the Scanner Room unless under the supervision of a Level 4 Personnel.
    Documentation of Level 3 Personnel qualifications must be recorded on the appropriate form(s), (updated annually, and must be signed by the MRI Technologist representing MRIF Oversight Committee. Records of documentation must be maintained within the MRIF.
  4. Level 4 Personnel:  MRI Technologist

MR Safety Zones 1-4

Safety Zones 2-4

Zone 1: General public (There is no Zone 1 at FSU MRI Research Facility, as all entrances are swipe card protected.)

Zone 2: First access/contact points between MR subjects and MR Staff. This is the area where subjects will be screened, change, experience the mock scanner and wait for the exam. Subjects and non-MR personnel are not free to move about this area unsupervised.  The only exception to this will be cleaning staff and FSU police and fire staff who have had Level 1 MR Safety Training or MR First Responders Safety Training.

Zone 3: Region where potentially hazardous energy related to the MR scanner environment. Only MR personnel and prescreened subjects may enter this zone. MR personnel are staff that have completed the Level 2 MR Safety Training, have an approved metal screening form on file and have participated in the MR Safety Briefing for Emergency Procedures.

Zone 4: The MR scanner magnet room (Zone 4 is always contained in Zone 3 and the same training and screening requirements apply.)

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